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Natural Tan

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JanTana® Natural Tan

Two Natural Looking Tans In One… A sun kissed, Immediate Bronzer and Natural Looking Sunless Tan. Looks like a real suntan! Color fades gradually and evenly, just like a tan from the sun. Easy to apply, Dries Instantly. Perfect for all skin types. Great Apricot Scent. Before tanning, stand on towel to catch any overspray.

DIRECTIONS: Bathe with Jan Tana Skin Prep, pat dry. DO NOT apply deodorant or lotion. Spray on Natural Tan and blend the color evenly over body with a tanning puff. Tan one body part at a time, then tan the face and ears. May be reapplied for a darker tan. Use Jan Tana Deep Moisturizer on the tanning puff to blend the color on the face, hands, knees, feet and elbows. Apply Deep Moisturizer daily to nourish the skin and maintain tan.

Store in a cool enviroment or refrigerate.

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